I had been planning to write about Machine Head’s Davidian this morning, but waking up in the afternoon with my head scattered in pieces around the room kind of put paid to that: the opening drum salvo alone had me cowering under my bed and praying for U.N. Intervention. It was a challenge, actually, to find anything in my iTunes library that didn’t seem like it would be used at Guantanamo: heck, even my Cheerios colliding in the milk were too loud.

The joy, then, when I remembered this, a live track taken from James Blake’s Zane Lowe session last month. To be honest the words today they’re kind of hurting, so I’ll be brief: this is gorgeous. A cover of Joni Mitchell’s A Case Of You, this is Blake shorn of his synthesizers and scattershot glitching, his voice brought to the fore with fireside piano in place of his characteristic creeping dread. He’s made quite a habit of covering others, from Feist’s Limit To Your Love to his wholesale lifting of lyrics from James Litherland for The Wilhelm Scream, but this is Blake’s warmest effort so far, the ebb of his voice hinting at Jeff Buckley in a stark riposte to anyone who had him cosily dismissed as a mere bedroom producer.

Anyway, as I return to crawling around on the floor hunting for the paracetamol tabs that I dropped some days ago, take a listen. Ta ta.

MP3 (right-click to download)

James Blake: A Case Of You (Joni Mitchell Cover)


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