Ok, so I’ve spent AT LEAST ten minutes coming up with that title, and it’s still decidedly poor. But I don’t care, because from today onwards I’m going to be uploading a track to this site every day, or at least until the Cease and Desist letters find me for copyright breach.

What will these tracks be, I hear no-one ask (which is fine. I like silence. I bought the John Cage thing at Christmas, and I listen to it all night every night)? Well, I’m a selfish fucker, so they’ll be whatever I want. They might be brand new things, thieved from up-and-coming bands ravenous for exposure, or classic tunes from the monoliths of our musical culture. Whatever: they’ll be good, ok, so you should make sure that you grab them.

And then you should talk about them. Please. I’ve gone off food, and hunger only for comments. So, comments please.


But anyway, enough drivel. Today’s track, first played on Rinse FM on Tuesday eve, is a glorious and long-overdue menage-a-trois for three of the most interesting artists recording right now, Burial, Four Tet and Thom Yorke. They’ve been mingling fluids in foreplay for some time, with both of the former remixing tracks from Yorke’s The Eraser album and working together on the Moth/Wolf Club release, whilst the Radiohead singer has been championing Burial’s sparse, noirish dubstep since it first emerged.

Out on 12″ on Monday, the split release features two tracks, Mirrors and Ego. Pre-orders have sold out, but more are coming, and available here. Take a listen to the latter, and try your best to ignore the DJ cutting in halfway through – I’ve just about reached the stage where I don’t even notice my teeth grinding in rage. Great track though.

MP3 (right-click to save)

Thom Yorke, Burial and Four Tet: Ego


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