Brighton station became a morgue yesterday afternoon, as an estimated 2,500 people dragged themselves across the city for the start of this year’s Beach of the Dead zombie walk.

Now in its fourth year, the event saw spectators line the streets as the undead thronged towards the seafront, their discordant moans carrying on the wind. Children, adults and animals alike took part, their gaping wounds and rotting skin a sharp contrast to the shopping bags and hen parties more commonly associated with Saturdays in the city.

The staggering was led by Kate Amer, 22, of London Road, Brighton, who started the event in 2007. “I think it gives everyone a perfect opportunity to dress up and be flamboyant with other like-minded people with the excuse of it being Halloween.

“The participants and feedback are what drives me to keep organising Beach Of The Dead every year, and I’ll continue doing so until we’re too rotten to walk/crawl/hobble the streets of Brighton.”

Highlights this year included a zombie Christ, numerous zombie Popes and an undead Indiana Jones, whilst the after-party at Concorde 2 featured a choreographed routine to Thriller, hundreds of arms flailing in the air.

But arguably the best sights came later, as participants headed back into town to overrun the bars and clubs where the living still roamed. As one student, unaware of the afternoon’s event, put it, “Well, it’s Brighton isn’t it. This seems normal.”


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